The day after tomorrow... 

I've been playing 大航海時代online since June 2005.
why do i still play it?
-for the people
-for the challenge
-for fun!
It's like planting a tree and watching it grow,
first its fragile and weak, one little accident could mess it up for a while,
but as time goes on it grows until it becomes strong.

When I reached the level could sail a larger ship, I was really happy.
The skill from one level increase to the other level and can do more,
I was happy too.
I am proud of England. I am proud of that I could join the 投資祭 although I am just a week and poor person.
I am not alone. I had met so many kind people in the game.

Thanks for 英国商連, 英国宝石商, 王立海軍, 英国pkk, 英国海賊商,
those who let me join their 海事 and 冒險 party which include all flags,
and those who pull me back to the port when I was a newbie who is in white flag on the sea...

I believe to help each others, the world would become better.
I always help the newbie who is in white flag on the sea to pull them back to ports,
most likely in North Sea.

If you had heard there is a U.S. online game called Second Life,
players act as their new lifes in the game.

If you say what is my second life? 沢渡ほのか in 大航海時代online is my second life.
You've never found the same 沢渡ほのか in other games.
You've never found the same 沢渡ほのか in other servers.
You've never found the same 沢渡ほのか in other locations.
沢渡ほのか in Notos is special.

And KOEI kill her on 28 November, 2007. KOEI is a murder.

沢渡ほのか is death.

But I still want an answer because I am still a customer.
I have right to ask and complain as I had paid.

I want to know why they had accepted the overseas connection for 3 years?
I want to know why they accepted the overseas payments
if they had policy that for Japan in Island use only?
I want to know why I still can register a new account and use the trial version to play?
I want to know why KOEI banned the 2 accounts which are excutly in Japan,
but KOEI said they are oversea?

Until now, KOEI still cannot give me a satisfactory answer.
There is no reply.

Some others got a reply which KOEI said "For Japanese only"!!!!!!

Some others got a reply which is 99% similar to the first copy/paste one.

Some others complained and got a reply said "you are so annoying and will ban your account for next time"

I've never seen such kind of customer service in Great Britain, Hong Kong, US,
even mainland China.

Japanese always said customer is God.
This is such kind of God service; that's why no one believe God.

大航海時代online is my first online game.
The first KOEI game I played is 三国志(1st) English version which I played it on my old 80286 in 1993. (The 80286 is my parent's retire computer where the game was installed. My first computer is an AppleII and wrote my first program in 1988 when I was 6.)
My first built game website is about 大航海時代4.
My favorite game is 大航海時代2.

I've never through that my second life is killed by KOEI, never.

As such kind of so called Japanese international company has such kind of customer service,
and the concept of contract is quite different from international;

The only thing I could do at this time is that
KEEP AN EYE on those business contracts with Japanese Companies.
This is just what I can do on my real life.